Read About Content Management from the Whole Words Market!


WHOLE WORDS Market Introduces Four New Product and Service Levels for

 Content Management for Small Businesses 

Introductory Offer: Buy Level 2 or Level 3 and Get Level 1 for FREE!

Level 1. Content “Tune-Up”

  • Evaluates your current site, copy, pages, collateral, messages
  • “Cleans and lubes” the content for completeness and effectiveness
  • Adjusts and corrects
  • Adds content that is missing!

Price on Evaluation and Request

Level 2. Let’s Start Talking to Our Customers!

  • Two Blogs at Your Site per month
  • Two Facebook Page Updates per month
  • One E-Newsletter Per Month for your emailing

Price $489 per month for 6 month program

Level 3. Now Let’s Build Our Customer Base…Significantly!

  • 40-50 hours per month of content services
  • Weekly blogs at your site and weekly updates
  • Social marketing at various sites and channels
  • Monthly e-newsletter for your emailing campaign
  • Posting at relevant traffic-driving sites for new customers
  • News releases to appropriate media

Price $989 per month for 6-month program

Level 4. We Need a Real Market Plan!

  • Classic marketing planning for the contemporary market
  • Full business evaluation and planning services
  • Produces a document road map for growth

Price Estimated on Evaluation and Request 

Call or write today to 303.718.1365 or

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